Our elected officials have proposed cutting funds from the arts. If you would like to learn more and contact your representatives, please download the articles below and read the letter from Liza Zenni, Executive Director, Arts & Culture Alliance.

Thank you!

Liza Zenni 

Dear Alliance Member,

Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 11:43 AM

As you can read in the link highlighted below, this morning, President Trump released budget information which calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts. If you get funds from the Tennessee Arts Commission, there are NEA dollars in there. Forty percent of NEA money goes to state arts agencies like the TAC.

Everyone should activate their personal phone lines, their boards, and (if you have one) their staffs to contact their elected representatives via their LOCAL OFFICE NUMBERS which are attached. Remember: this is a FEDERAL issue, so contact your US Senators and US Congressmen.

Calling is better than emailing. I have attached a script that you all can use within the NEA Advocacy Plan attachment.

You are calling to be counted. Tell your story. Call upon the representative to support the NEA. Hang up. Follow up with an email.

Liza Zenni

Executive Director Arts & Culture Alliance (865) 523­7543

Elected Offls Contact List

10 Reasons to Support the Arts (2017)

NEA Advocacy Plan